Why Are TRU Faculty Holding a Non-Confidence Vote – Lack of Professional Respect for Faculty

The TRU senior administrative track record since February 15th is proof of the Senior TRU Administration’s failure to treat faculty with professional respect. Here are some specific examples of the senior administrators’ failure to engage in meaningful consultation and failure to respect appropriate governance procedures:

  • Continued refusal to address serious problems with the relationship between a Dean and faculty members in one School, despite a non-confidence vote, which showed that 84% of tenured faculty had expressed no confidence in the Dean. The only response: the appointment of yet another new administrator, an Associate Dean
  • A refusal to accept a unanimous appointments committee recommendation for a tenure-track hire
  • The unilateral moderating — in effect, censoring — of faculty posts by the Dean’s office on a long-standing, open access e-mail distribution list in one of TRU’s Faculties, threatening academic freedom and the free exchange of ideas.
  • A refusal to address the chronic salary anomalies that have affected long-time Full Professors

For more information read the Non-Confidence Vote Backgrounder here.

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