Why Are TRU Faculty Holding a Non-Confidence Vote – Violations of Collective Agreement

The TRU senior administrative track record since February 15th is proof of the Senior TRU Administration’s failure to adhere to the Collective Agreement. Here are some specific examples:

  • A rejection of a proposal by TRUFA to allow for students who missed the initial student questionnaire administered in class so that TRU would avoid violating the Memorandum of Settlement. TRU administration forged ahead with keeping student surveys open for 48 hours after the class time, despite the agreement that the questionnaires must be administered in class.
  • Failure to adhere to the Letter of Understanding #2 provision that requires administration to replace a seconded administrator with a Limited Term Contract faculty member to perform the work normally delivered by the seconded administrator.
  • A hypocritical decision by senior administrators to allow a former administrator to return to TRU in a faculty position despite being granted an unassisted leave to take a permanent position at another institution, while repeatedly denying this right to faculty members.
  • Refusal to renew faculty Limited Term Contract positions despite the fact that the initial purpose for their posting continues and the same level of work remains.

For more information read the Non-Confidence Vote Backgrounder here.

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