TRUFA Executive 2016

We are pleased to introduce the new TRU Faculty Association Senior Executives, Committee Chairs and Officers that were elected at the TRUFA AGM late April.

Please note: Currently, the Adventure, Culinary Arts and Tourism Representative position is vacant.


TRU Faculty Association Executive 2016-2017 

Executive Board 

President Tom Friedman
Vice-President Star Mahara
Vice-President, Stewards John Turner
Vice-President, Salary & Working Conditions Lloyd Bennett
Treasurer Kevin Barrie
Secretary Dawn Farough
Contract Faculty Rep Randy Radney
Contract Faculty Rep Teressa Fedorak
Equity Committee Co-chair Gail Morong
Equity Committee Co-chair Monica Sanchez
Faculty of Adv., Culinary Arts & Tourism Rep Position Vacant
Faculty of Arts Rep Michael Mehta
Faculty of Education & Social Work Rep Juliana West
Faculty of Law Rep Craig Jones
Faculty of Science Rep Marten Lettinga
Faculty of Student Dev. & Instructional Support Rep Melissa Svendsen
Human Rights Committee Chair Nicole Schabus
Research & Scholarship Rep Rob Higgins
School of Business & Economics Rep Belayet Hossain
School of Nursing Andrea Sullivan
School of Trades & Tech Rep Mike Turley
Status of Women Committee Chair Terryl Atkins
Williams Lake Rep Jay Goddard

Stewards Committee 

Vice-President, Stewards John Turner
Deputy Steward Mike Looney
Deputy Steward Krista Lussier
Kamloops Steward Lloyd Bennett
Kamloops Steward Daniel Dorogi
Kamloops Steward Wendy Kipnis
Kamloops Steward Musfiq Rahman
Kamloops Steward Ehsan Ahmed
Kamloops Steward Afzalur Rahman
Williams Lake Steward Alice Stoddard
Williams Lake Steward Rhonda McCreight
Williams Lake Steward Melissa Svendsen

Salary & Working Conditions Committee 

Vice-President, SWCC

(and Research & Scholarship Representative)

Lloyd Bennett
Contract Faculty Representative John Turner
Contract Faculty Representative Afzalur Rahman
Faculty of Arts Representative (and Performance Review Coordinator) Monica Sanchez
Faculty of Education & Social Work Representative Juliana West
Faculty of Adventure, Culinary Arts & Tourism Representative Vacant
Faculty of Law


Ruby Dhand
Faculty of Science


Cindy Ross Friedman
Faculty of Student Development. & Instructional Support


Melissa Svendsen
School of Business & Economics


Avninder Gill
School of Nursing


Mona Taylor
School of Trades & Tech


Mike Turley
Williams Lake


Lisa Jo Russell (Tedford)

Other Committees

Disability Management & Rehab Committee Peggy McKimmon
Lucille Anderson
Equity Committee Co-Chair Gail Morong
Equity Committee Co-Chair Monica Sanchez
Equivalent Workload Committee

Faculty Representatives

 Chris Montoya
Mohd Abdullah
Wilson Bell
Christine Petersen
Katherine Watmough
FPSE Ed. Policy Committee Representative- Chris Montoya
Human Rights Committee Chair Nicole Schabus
Pension Advisory Committee Representative Peggy McKimmon
Professional & Scholarly Development Committee Representative Mila Kwiatkowska
Status of Women Committee Chair Terryl Atkins
Workplace Health, Safety & Environmental Committee Representative Susan Purdy

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