TRU Game of Life

The new TRU Game of Life launched in  mid-October as part of the TRU Faculty Association’s Campaign to raise awareness about the realities of provincial finding cuts to post-secondary education. TRUFA has been working in collaboration with The Federation of Post-Secondary Educators of BC (FPSE) on the Open the Doors Campaign. So far, TRUFA efforts have been incredibly successful. We have 1, 705 signatures in support of restoring funding to colleges and universities in the province. The signatures have come mainly from the students at TRU who are already painfully aware of the results of provincial finding cuts and how they affect their education and their future:

  • rising tuition means more student debt and more worry about making ends meet
  • funding cuts mean fewer course and program offerings
  • funding cuts mean that exploited sessional instructors teach instead of permanent faculty members

Our latest efforts at outreach and awareness, the TRU Life Game hope to educate parents, alumni and community members regarding the effects that provincial funding cuts can have on their families and communities.

Together, we can make post-secondary more affordable.

Please play the game and sign our education pledge.




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