TRU Diversity and Inclusion Survey

The TRUFA Equity Committee has been working hard with other TRU Community representatives in the TRU-wide Employment Equity and Diversity Committee to put together a Diversity and Inclusion survey and collect information about the diversity of our current workforce.

In order for university employers to be able to implement equity initiatives, it is important to gather information to find out just how diverse the existing workforce is (several institutions across Canada have similar Equity and Diversity surveys).

Please note that the survey information is confidential and individual answers are encrypted. Access to individual survey answers are not provided to any person. All reports derived from this survey are in aggregate format.

If you have not already done so, please take two minutes to answer this Diversity and Inclusion survey. You can find it here:

TRU Diversity and Inclusion Survey

For more information about TRU’s Diversity and Inclusion program and the survey, please take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions at

Help us work for an equitable, diverse and inclusive university!


Recently Asked Questions Regarding Diversity and Inclusion Survey:

Question 1: Should I bother to complete the Diversity and Inclusion survey if I’m in an area with fewer than 6 members, since this information is not being included in your reporting?

All employees are being encouraged to complete the survey to help complete the overall picture of Diversity at TRU – all collected info will be included in the large TRU wide reporting, but there will be no ‘drilling’ down to review the department/division results where there are less than 6 members. If the department/division number gets to be more than 6 at a later date, that info can then be included in reported data. The key now is to get a statistically significant number of completed surveys or none of the data collected so far will be valid. The goal is to get an 80% survey completion rate.

Question 2: What types of questions are on survey?

The survey consists of five questions which simply ask if you self-identify as a female, an Aboriginal, a person with a disability, a visible minority or a member of a sexual orientation or gender identity minority group. Employees can select none of the categories, one category or several categories. Even if you do not self-identify in any of the 5 categories, please complete the survey and say so. Completing the survey will take about 1-2 minutes.

Question 3: The link to the survey didn’t work for me from home. Do I need to be on my TRU computer to access the survey?

Yes, you have to be logged in to the campus server.


Please contact with any more questions you may have.


Our best,

Gail Morong and Monica Sanchez-Flores

TRUFA Equity Committee Co-Chairs

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