Non-Confidence Vote Not a Surprise to TRU University Administrators

Earlier today InfoTel News reported on the ongoing non-confidence vote in senior administrators at TRU.  In the article Tom Friedman is quoted as saying,

“They (faculty) are not satisfied with leadership shown by senior administrators. (…) Our members say to us our views are not being taken into consideration.”

Diana Skoglund, a spokesperson for the university admitted that the vote did not surprise administrators.

Read the original article here.

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  1. Cynthia Ross Friedman 5 years ago

    “Non-Confidence Vote Not a Surprise to TRU University Administrators”.

    What, they realized how poorly they have been managing, and were expecting the call for a vote long ago? Sounds like they took a non-confidence vote in themselves!

    And if they knew about the faculty unhappiness, why did Senior Admin do NOTHING to try to resolve issues in the meanwhile?

    And why was the original spokesperson, who has since seemingly been replaced, expressing shock and surprise?

    And why WAS the original spokesperson been replaced?

    Non-confidence means no confidence in the administrative abilities of the senior administration. I think such poor administration has been demonstrated in this one article alone.

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