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  1. Is it TRU that a senior administrative position at the Associate Vice President level was posted internally only, despite the fact that the term is for a full five years? Further, is it TRU that no faculty were included on the search committee for this position?
  2. Is it TRU that TRU senior administrators have repeatedly failed to respect the provisions of the Letter of Understanding that provides certain senior administrators—Associate Deans, Deans, Provost and AVP Research & Graduate Studies—with faculty positions? Did these violations include:
    – failing to have candidates for senior positions vetted by the departments in which the positions were created?
    – failing to evaluate senior administrators as required under the LOU?
    – failing to adhere to the rules about senior administrators assuming faculty positions after completing their administrative terms or leaving their administrative positions?
    – failing to replace internally-selected administrators with four- or five-year Limited Term Contract appointments?
  3. Is it TRU that, despite repeated requests from TRUFA for the past two years, and a comprehensive proposal from instructional support faculty last year, Instructional Designers and Librarians continue to be the only TRU faculty members without full governance participation or representation on Senate?

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