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The TRUFA newsletter will be hosting a monthly column on governance issues at TRU and beyond. Faculty are encouraged to contribute an article about governance in their specific faculty or discipline or indeed about the general state of governance both at TRU and at Canadian universities in general. If you do not wish to contribute an article but have specific governance questions or issues that you would like to see addressed in an upcoming column, please feel free to contact Martha at

Governance issues at TRU were identified as a priority for the 2016-2017 year by the TRUFA incoming executive at the planning retreat held in June. Part of this TRUFA focus on governance issues  will involve working with faculty to understand their essential role in the governance structures at TRU. Often, governance structures can seem overly bureaucratic and unwieldy and faculty can find the process of becoming more involved in university governance daunting. To alleviate this, TRUFA is encouraging departments and faculty councils to invite TRUFA to their meetings to help clarify the roles and indeed, the authority, that these bodies have in the overall structure of governance at the University. TRUFA will be working to empower faculty to use the authority that they have in key decision-making processes on campus.

If you would like to invite TRUFA to provide a brief workshop or informal talk at your next department or faculty council meeting, please email TRUFA President Tom Friedman ( or Confidential Administrative Assistant Marian Griffin (

Next Month: Understanding Governance at TRU



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