Fair Employment Week 2016

Last week, October 24th-28th, was Fair Employment Week across Canada. Faculty associations across the country organized events to highlight the precarious position in which many Contract Faculty find themselves at universities and colleges in our country.  The TRU Faculty Association hosted a panel discussion regarding Contract Faculty issues and concerns here on our campuses. The TRU Contract Faculty representatives, Teressa Fedorak and Randy Radney, along with other TRUFA and FPSE representatives, were on hand to lead the discussion and field questions from attendees.


Sessional, Continuing Sessional and Limited Term Faculty are full members of TRUFA and full voting members of their departments.


Across the country, issues facing Contract Faculty include, academic freedom, job security, isolation, lack of benefits and low wages. Here at TRU, some of the issues faced by Contract Faculty (Sessional, Continuing Sessional and Limited Term Faculty Members) include:

  • Right of First Refusal
  • Wages
  • Benefits
  • Job Security
  • Workload
  • Performance Evaluation

CAUT published articles covering the Contract Faculty crisis across the country in the Bulletin. You can read those articles here:





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