Contract Faculty Representative Report

Contract Faculty Representative Report to Membership

By Paul Brand, TRUFA Contract Faculty Representative

The main initiative the last few months could be described as opening channels for communication. TRU Contract Faculty are a large group (approximately 550!) with diverse concerns, so finding out their issues has been a priority. In addition to a social afternoon/evening, we launched a discussion board.   We got some good information, although the overall participation rate was disappointing. Some people have expressed concerns about our discussion boards potentially being read by those outside the faculty – while we don’t think that is likely we are looking into alternatives such as live webinars.

In addition, we have been following the outcomes of the Ontario strike closely. Apparently, there have been some “improvements” in the language regarding contract and part-time employees, as well as a commitment to study the issues. We genuinely hope that these studies lead to real change and not just more talk.

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