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I have heard that academic decisions and even the general operations and business of each Faculty is supposed to be directed by and also requires approval of the Faculty Council or School Council. Is this true? Neither of these things happen in my Faculty.
–Concerned Faculty Member


Faculty Councils are mandated, by law, to direct and approve academic decisions as well as the general operations and business of each Faculty (or School).  Some examples include:

  • Any changes to class sizes
  • Any program suspensions
  • Any program changes

The power and responsibilities of Faculty Councils are set out in the British Columbia University Act.  In Part 8, Section 40, part c) and d) of the Act, it states that the Powers and duties of Faculty Councils are to:

(c) subject to this Act and to the approval of the senate, to make rules for the government, direction and management of the faculty and its affairs and business;

(d) to determine, subject to the approval of the senate, the courses of instruction in the faculty;

Even the TRU Senate Bylaws entrench the Faculty Council’s duties and powers. Part 1 of Appendix B of the TRU Senate Bylaws states:


Each academic division of the University (Faculty, School or Division) shall have a Council. The Council is the senior academic governance body of the Faculty, School or Division and the venue for collegial and consultative decision-making within the Division.


The Council provides a forum for Division-wide dissemination of information, discussion and academic decision-making related to the governance and management of the Division and its activities. While respecting the authority of more senior university governance bodies and administration, each Council is responsible at the Divisional level for the planning, priority-setting, development, management and ongoing review of the teaching, research and other related programs and services within the Division.


No recommendation on behalf of a Division or its departments will be made to a senior governance body without the approval of that Division’s Council and the approval of the Council of any other Division likely to be affected.

Not following these protocols is a serious breach of the TRU Senate Bylaws and The BC Universities Act. If this is happening in your school or faculty please contact your TRUFA Representative.

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