April 2016 Non-Confidence Vote


On Tuesday April 12th, TRU Faculty launched a Vote of Non-Confidence in the leadership of senior management at Thompson Rivers University. The vote runs until Tuesday April 19th at 4pm and is being conducted online.

The wording of the vote is as follows:

Do you have confidence in the leadership of senior administrators of TRU, namely TRU President (Alan Shaver), Vice-President/Provost (Christine Bovis-Cnossen), Associate Vice-President Faculty Relations/TRU Chief Bargainer (Donna Petri), Vice-President Administration & Finance (Matt Milovick) and Vice-President Advancement (Christopher Seguin)?  

YES  or  NO

Over the past week, The TRU Faculty Association has been producing short videos detailing the failing s of senior administration at TRU. The failings are many but can be organized into a few distinct categories:

  • Failure to respect and follow the Collective Agreement
  • Failure to act in accordance with the TRU Act
  • Failure to respect and follow established governance protocols for academic decision-making at the University
  • Failure to demonstrate professional respect for faculty and to adequately consult with faculty in a meaningful fashion
  • Failure to assure transparency in decision-making at a public insitution

For more information read the Non-Confidence Vote Backgrounder here: http://trutalk.ca/non-confidence-vote-backgrounder/

Join the conversation at http://trutalk.ca/forums

All of the videos can be seen here: 


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