2017 Salary & Working Conditions Committee Annual AGM

Salary & Working Conditions Committee Annual Report – AGM 2017

Bargaining Coordination Committee meeting, 30 Sept.- 1 Oct. 2016, Vancouver Gillian Dearle (chair) reported from the CAUT meeting “Making gains in a Concessionary Environment”; Quebec “Action Days”; parking; BC cameras; dealing with incarcerated students. The chair handed out a “Bargaining Bibliography” and a FPSE Standing Committee Guidebook. George Davison (exterior liaison) reported that Fraser Valley had settled and ratified; he discussed two strikes in the lower mainland: Hanson International and ETA9 (bankrupt?); he commented on OTD campaign, focus group, ads and media events and finished with some number on government funding for post-secondary schools. George handed out a bargaining history from 1969-2019.

Bargaining Coordination Committee meeting 27 January 2017, Vancouver The meeting was called to order by chair Gillian Dearle. The first item after the approval of the agenda, was a presentation by Diane MacDonald, General Counsel for the BCTF. Ms MacDonald outlined the case where the BCTF took their case involving “class size and composition”, to the BC court and won. The decision was appealed and the union lost their case on a vote of 4 to 1. The dissenting vote allowed the case to go to the Supreme Court where the court agreed with the dissenting vote on the grounds that “consultation” was not done. Consultation in the December 2012 BCTF decision meant an effort to solve the impasse had not been demonstrated by the government.

Ongoing List for 2019 Negotiations (from the common table)

  • Model language on education technology

o          Resolution from 2016 AGM: That FPSE urge locals to create or strengthen education technology language in their collective agreements in further rounds of bargaining. Action: referred to locals.

  • Model language to address non-teaching accountable time/workload for Trades faculty.

Secondary Scales Conference 28 January 2017, Vancouver

The conference opened with FPSE President George Davidson outlining the history of the post-secondary teachers’ union. Locals presented their position on the secondary scales position. Local 2 supported a pro-rata position where the member would be paid the same as a fulltime member for a course and would follow pro-rata with professional development (research) and service. FPSE Rep Weldon Cowan followed with the keynote talk on secondary scales. In the afternoon the strategy session followed where Betty Baxter lead groups through “barriers” and “strategies” to removing secondary scales. The material was collected and will be formulated by a committee, including a contract staff representative, to be part of the LOU sighed by the seven locals.

Locally, this was a post-bargaining year and I worked with my predecessor John Turner to tie up housekeeping items so that we would sign the new Collective Agreement and get it to print. However, a disagreement over the course maxima as it pertained to sessionals led to an impasse. TRUFA sought a mediated settlement and lost on the identification that course maxima applies to “bipartite” faculty, and not sessionals. SWCC wrote proposals to allow for Law Faculty to be able to apply for the maximum market supplement and one to raise TS placements for some full professors, but both of these were rejected by TRU management. Recently, SWCC has been working with Culinary Arts and their situation of running businesses as well as teach in their program. We have consulted with the department chairs on the items for the algorithm and at this writing the Chairs Roles and Responsibility algorithm has not been finalized.

Lloyd Bennett, VP SWCC


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