2017 Performance Review Committee AGM Report

Thompson Rivers University Faculty Association

Annual Report to TRUFA AGM

April 2016 to 2017

Performance Review Committees (PRCs) must be attended by a TRUFA observer from the Salary and Working Conditions Committee (SWCC). Numbers below took place in PRC meetings for April 2016-2017.

Positions under Performance Review process:

  • 28 Sessional faculty members for Right of first refusal (ROFR)
  • 3 Limited Term Contracts (LTC) for ROFR
  • 20 Tenure-Track renewals
  • 2 Tenured members

Number of members in PRCs by Department in TRU:

  • 1 in English and Modern Languages (EML)
  • 1 in Tourism
  • 1 in Philosophy, History, Politics
  • 1 in Instructional Design
  • 1 in Economics
  • 1 in Computer Science
  • 2 in Trades
  • 2 in Adventure
  • 2 in Accounting and Finance
  • 2 in Law
  • 2 in Counselling, Academic Support, Assessments (CASA)
  • 3 in Management
  • 3 in Marketing International Business and Entrepreneurship (MIBE)
  • 5 in School of Social Work & Human Service (SSWHS)
  • 10 in Nursing
  • 16 in Education

I organized, updated, and delivered the presentation for this year’s PRC workshop on October 25, 2016. For a copy of the Power-point slides as well as templates for letters associated to PRC’s see: http://trufa.ca/performance-reviews/

In solidarity,

Mónica J. Sánchez-Flores, PhD

Performance Review Coordinator



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